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Vegan in Hialeah

For mother and daughter team, Priscilla Fernandez De Cordova and Maria Fernandez, the entrepreneurial journey began two years ago. Maria had visions of opening a deli style sandwich shop in the Florida Keys but her daughter Priscilla, who had embraced a vegan diet couldn’t see herself being part of that. ” I just couldn’t see myself selling sandwiches with deli meat, it’s something I’m not passionate about.” says De Cordova.
Priscilla had lived and worked in the food and beverage industry in South Beach for three years. “There’s a smoothie shop and yoga studio every few blocks.” But when she moved to the west side of Miami Dade County, she found the same frustration that so many experience when trying to eat healthy. ” I would go to Chipotle and Panera Bread and create substitutions but I really wanted a place that conveniently sold delicious and healthy food”.

Dream to Reality

With mom on board, the two became a business duo and decided to open Splurge Juice Bar and Cafe in Miami Gardens. “It was a long journey but when we would hit lows, I would get a flood of encouragement from those on Facebook and Instagram and it kept me going.
owner, Priscilla Fernandez De Cordova stands in front of Splurge Juice Bar & Cafe in Miami Gardens

owner, Priscilla Fernandez De Cordova stands in front of Splurge Juice Bar & Cafe in Miami Gardens

Hard work and determination paid off as the two created a cozy cafe that sells vegan dishes and fresh juices without the loads of sugar most people in the area are accustomed to.

My Experience

New businesses are always exciting, however with any business it’s the quality of what you offer that makes customers return. Although vegans and health-conscious food consumers are the minority in Hialeah, they travel for delicious healthy food are well experienced in what true vegan dishes taste like. I’ve had the wonderful experience of visiting Plant Food and Wine and Basil Park as well the beloved Whole Foods for their delicious plant-based meals.
With few healthy options, Whole Foods of Pembroke Pines is a popular stop for those seeking to eat healthy.

With few options, Whole Foods of Pembroke Pines is a popular stop for those seeking to eat healthy.

So I was excited to try Splurge’s menu. After tasting the Chipotle Burger (veggie) , The Latina Wrap with lentils soup, The Detoxifier Juice and the Acai Bowl, I can honestly say that the food is very good. The portions are generous and the meals are packed with flavor. You can enjoy a hearty yet healthy lunch and not feel sluggish afterwards.

Future Hope

Miami is a diverse city filled with vibrancy that comes from different cultures. There is no mistaking however, the predominantly large Hispanic population in the Hialeah area. The foods of our mother land make us nostalgic, reminding us of sweet memories. However, the food culture in the United States has declined drastically and Hispanics suffer some of the highest number of diabetics in west Miami-Dade county.
Hispanics in Hialeah have a large population of type 2 Diabetes due to a poor diet

Hispanics in Hialeah have a large population of type 2 Diabetes due to a poor diet

The goal for every wellness related business is to bring health and a quality of life to every neighborhood. If you live in Hialeah, living a vegan lifestyle or keeping any healthy dietary habits is near impossible. An essential part of good health is eating the right food. As Miami grows, my hope is that Hialeah will be a ground for healthy food start ups, fitness companies and holistic wellness professionals to make its community and its residents happier and healthier.

Gift For You

I’d like to thank owners,Priscilla and Maria for partnering with Lumina Massage and offering you, a one-time coupon with 20% off your first meal at Splurge Juice Bar and Cafe. Whether you love meat or are an all-out vegan, I’m certain that you will truly enjoy all the tasty dishes at Splurge.
Use this coupon at the register for some vegan goodness.

Use this coupon at the register for some vegan goodness.

 Splurge Juice Bar and Cafe
18505 NW 75th Pl, Hialeah, FL 33015
(786) 857-6969
Michelle Orchid Rodriguez is an entrepreneur,health and wellness blogger and a licensed Massage Therapist. Her mission is to promote a higher quality of life through healthy living. She is the founder and CEO of Lumina Massage Inc., a Miami-based specialty massage company that focuses on neuromuscular therapy and prenatal bodywork. Social Media:Facebook, Instagram


    • Absolutely Marcos! Thank you for your comments by the way. Lumina Massage is excited to show what’s new in health and wellness in Miami. Hope you enjoy your meal at Splurge:)

  1. Hi just saw your blog, great stuff. I’m a vegetarian of 20 years from hialeah so I know the struggle all too well! Just writing to tell you about Brujeria Beer Hall and Marketplace, a concept that we will be opening next year in the Leah Arts District. The marketplace portion of the business will consist of many small vendors, such as a book store, art gallery, organic soaps etc. This will also include some food sales through different food trucks and pop ups like “Killer Vegetarian” as well as the regular bar menu from Brujeria. Most of these options will be vegan or vegetarian. Although we aren’t open yet just wanted to give you the heads up to be on the lookout for us when we do finally open and also we will be at several festivals around the city until then. Check us out at or follow our instagram @brujeriabeerhallandmarketplace
    We are set on presenting a new, intelligent, socially responsible, scientifically and culturally literate face for Hialeah. Hopefully we can work together in the future!

    Until then!

    • Hi Jorge, thank you for your support. Lumina Massage is always glad to showcase small business for the cultural and conscious growth of this community. Please stay in touch as well and I look forward to helping .

  2. Thankyou for posting! That vegan place sounds great! I wish them blessings on their business! There is so much garbage in the restaurant business. Its true ,” YOU are what YOU eat! ” It’s time people took care of better healthy choices in eating! :)

    • Melissa, thank you for your continued support. I’m happy to share and help the community embrace healthier eating:)

  3. SO excited for this! Finally! So when I got this email and I realized how close it was I sent my husband to get me something right away. I’m pregnant and my cravings for healthy stuff is real. He came back with a vegan piña colada which was delicious! I had just had lunch so I can’t wait to explore the menu that looks super great. I did try a piece of my husbands Mock Tuno melt sandwich which actually smelled just like tuna lol it was light and yummy and a friend of my husbands had a delicious wrap they said was an even bigger hit. Much success to this business!!!

    • Wow, that sounds delicious! Splurge is really happy with those coming from Lumina Massage so keep ‘em comin and have a great time exploring more yumminess from the menu:)

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