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I want to introduce you to two awesome little boys; Alex Daniel and Christian David these kids happen to be youngest members of my family thus far. These two little boys have the incredible power, actually I’m not really sure how they do it, but they make me do almost anything they want . I believe that with enough convincing, they can deplete my bank account. They don’t even have to try that hard, it’s all in those puppy dog eyes, that pleading voice, the right body gestures, let’s face it kids can be convincing.
This is a few years ago but the cuteness remains

This is a few years ago but the cuteness remains

So, Halloween, is today and before you think “Here comes Michelle to lecture us with an anti sugar campaign.” Allow me to assure you that I too, have fallen under the sway of very convincing children. So, what I want to do is , really take this opportunity to speak with you, the parents and those adults that have special children in their lives about sugar and how it makes its way to into our homes.
Holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas don’t even hold a candle to the sugar consumption for kids as Halloween. Large candy corporations have spent millions in advertising that candy means having a good time. That’s what children associate candy with;  having fun or a reward. Over the years, you as an adult consumer have demanded less sugar in our processed food. Take soda for example and its downward trend for adults but not as much emphasis on children. For example take birthday parties, the sugar flows and it’s almost always around celebrations. Tell me how many birthday parties you’ve gone to where soda and birthday cake are served together … I’ll wait over here for your response. If you said always, you’d be correct.

Diabetes anyone?

Diabetes anyone?

Adults know we should stay away from sugar but how can we? Our bodies have been trained from a young age to adore it and now we’re grown and struggle to beat it and its awful effect on our growing waist line. Children however, are the biggest fans of instant gratification. They don’t have the maturity level or knowledge to know that their diets are flooded with sugar from every direction: cereals, fruit roll ups, sodas, flavored water, Gatorade… the list goes on. Here’s a fun little 4 minute video for adults, to open your eyes to the effects of sugar with adorable cartoons. Works like a charm.

Ok, enough of the doom and gloom. Just for fun I’m going to pretend you are a knock out and go to the gym 5 days a week, have abs like steel and eat so well, that Whole Foods reaches out to you for recipe ideas. However, your kid is struggling with sugar addiction. Here are two helpful ways to begin helping your child become sugar smart and healthy.
Play the sugar game: this is where your child guesses how much sugar is in different items for example corn syrup in canned fruit or cereal coated in sugar. It’s like the game “I spy” but with food , then applaud your child when they guess correctly.
Do not underestimate your child's ability to learn about healthy food

Do not underestimate your child’s ability to learn about healthy food

Don’t go overboard: If you’d like to witness a massive meltdown then refrain your child from all sugar today. I don’t recommend it. Instead, have a conversation about it and agree to a certain amount of candy and no more. They will feel more engaged and will be more willing to reduce sugar in the future.
Use the internet. Show a video that kids can understand and relate with such as the one below:

Don’t worry , you won’t be the monster this Halloween by protecting your child from excessive sugar consumption. But you have to make it fun and interactive and who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about your own sugar habits ;)
Michelle Orchid Rodriguez is an entrepreneur,health and wellness blogger and a licensed Massage Therapist. Her mission is to promote a higher quality of life through healthy living. She is the founder and CEO of Lumina Massage Inc., a Miami-based specialty massage company that focuses on neuromuscular therapy and prenatal bodywork. Social Media:Facebook, Instagram



  1. Thankyou for posting your article. You are absolutely right! Sugar is #1 killer. Its hard to give it up totally. I have battled it for years. I still eat a candy bar every other day. I eat good organic food. Smoothies and fresh juices are the best! Raw fruit and vegetables too :)

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