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“Starting” on Monday

Along with the new year comes this ever-spurring urge to be healthier because well, that’s what we’re suppose to do… right?
However, nothing perplexes me more for example than when a person wants to start their new diet on Monday in order to lose weight. When I hear this I think to myself ” it just hasn’t clicked for them yet”. This magical click is when they choose to consistently practice healthier habits and after a long period they reap the rewards. More energy, confidence, deeper sleep, less muscular pain etc.
Let’s name this phenomenon of wanting to hold on to all your bad habits the “delay-syndrome”. You delay because kale just doesn’t have the same yummy taste as donuts… or so you believe (for those that have been out to eat with me are able to witness my odd enthusiasm for a good kale salad).
Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we convince ourselves that fat sugary foods are the only things that taste so darn good and that whole produce is so well, yucky? Could it be that you haven’t given your body a chance to develop the enjoyment for these healthy foods?  Dolling out excuses that eating healthy is too expensive, going to gym is not worth it or getting a massage is a luxury is really a matter of placing value on what matters to you.
Allow me to illustrate. There are young couples that I know that insist on living on one income. Gasp! You heard right. It’s a one income family household. There is one person that provides monetarily for the sole purpose of raising up the children at home. Now, there are many people I know that will scoff at these couples and say “wow, must be nice!”. Which is a cowardly underhanded passive-aggressive approach at envy and jealousy. An excellent time to check your heart. Are you in the midst of this couple financing and budgeting? You have no idea the sacrifices they must make in order to place their priorities first, which at the time is their family.
Now, when it come to your health you cannot go on the opinions of others! Please know that there are people in your world that will sabotage any fitness goal that you try to achieve. Losing weight? Trying to get off being dependent of medication? These are all valid goals and yet there are some closest to us or maybe even work colleagues will try to dissuade you from moving forward. I’m here to tell you to keep going. I’m here to urge you to press forward because your health is a valuable investment. People have lost fortunes over and over, money flows in and out of your life but your health? There are few things that are more precious than that.
Start off slow with walking and find buddies or comrades that would like to join you. In stress reduction, you would be amazed at how many people want to start getting massage but they simply don’t know who to go to. Help them and introduce them to a trusted massage therapist, a talented wellness-focused chef or a healthy meal plan, a competent personal trainer… you get the drift. There are so many ways that you can implement health but one thing is for sure, it all starts with your mind. Don’t buy into the “delay-syndrome”, why wait until Monday when you can begin to live healthier today, right now, at your next meal. It’s a series of small decisions where you will see the best results over time.
Michelle Orchid Rodriguez is a wellness lifestyle blogger,educator and an independent Licensed Massage Therapist. Her mission is to promote a higher quality of life for others through her work in therapeutic massage  & promoting healthy living. She is the founder and CEO of Lumina Massage Inc. in Miami Lakes,Florida. Lumina Massage is a specialty massage company that focuses on neuromuscular therapy for pain management and advanced prenatal bodywork.

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