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Review on Pilates ProWorks Miami

I arrived at Pilates ProWorks on a Tuesday night just a few minutes early to have a small tour and get familiar with the building. The decor was clean, white and modern. To the right, a friendly receptionist greets you with a smile and a large heart mural in the background is composed of words aspiring to motivate you. I met with Summer Christensen ,co-owner as she welcomed me and showed me around.

Once Upon a Time in Colombia

As Summer shared the history of the company, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that founder,Oscar Sanin hailed from Bogota,Colombia (hint, I have Colombian roots). In 2010, Sanin went to work and opened three locations in Colombia before traveling to California to set the stage for a Pilates take over in the United States. Miami came into the playbook January of 2016. Summer is part owner of Pilates ProWorks and this is the company’s first location in Florida. Sure of herself yet friendly,her enthusiasm for her first business happily returns her to her Miami roots. She knows the city and how Pilates Pro Works can make an impact.

Summer Christensen ,studio owner of Pilates ProWorks in Coral Gables

 Get to Class

We all signed our forms and were greeted as a group as we filed into class. The rooms were spacious and clean. Everything is organized and orderly so as not cause any confusion. This can be wonderful for someone seeking a Pilates experience where they don’t have to do much guesswork about where to go. It’s all in an easy, laid out blueprint from the moment you walk in.

Fitformers at Pilates Pro Works,Coral Gables

 Our work out room itself had rows of Fitformers, a unique design on the traditional reformer but Pilates ProWorks decided to create their own machines. They were lovely large pieces of machinery that seemed a mix between a large black Cadillac and a therapy table. For those who are unfamiliar with Pilates, these reformers may seem a little intimidating with straps, bars and all sorts of contraptions hanging off it. It can almost be tempting to run the other way. But Summer is confident in her area of expertise and she glides into the instruction of the group and puts on a playlist that serves an eclectic but cool mix of awesome songs. I was hooked.
The class was 50 minutes long and there were some parts which seemed never ending, like when I was being asked to spread my feet apart while standing from two separate platforms on the Fitformer and bring them together all with the force of my leg muscles, brutal! Then there were the parts which seemed a breeze. Overall, I felt as though I was enjoying a useful but fun activity with my girlfriends that went by quickly.

Whew! Post work-out pic on a Fitformer at Pilates ProWorks, Coral Gables

 Whenever I would feel off-key, Summer came around in a friendly tone and gently set me back into proper form if I looked awkward. This way, I didn’t feel completely abandoned during the workout which happens frequently in a group setting.
Afterwards we all breathed a sigh of relief and took some adorable pictures with the group as the vibe was fun and relaxed.

Wanna Know More?

Location : 25 Merrick Way, Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone number:(305)631-2534

Helpful tips:)

Street Parking: Free until 9 am, meters enforced 9 am-midnight everyday, pay with coins or use the pay-by-phone app.
Go Baller Style : and valet for $7 (entrance located behind the studio on Giralda Ave)
Or… you can self park in a garage in the building: $2 First Hour, $1 every half hour after, (entrance located behind the studio on Giralda Avenue)
Michelle is an entrepreneur,health and wellness blogger and a licensed Massage Therapist. Her mission is to showcase the amazing health benefits of therapeutic massage and promote a higher quality of life through healthy living. She is the founder and CEO of Lumina Massage Inc., a Miami-based specialty massage company that focuses on neuromuscular therapy and prenatal bodywork. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

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  1. Interesting blog. I personally don’t like pilates. I rather Zumba with Beto. He is from Columbia as well. A great man ! Check him out :) oh and with all the Pilates you do you will definitely need a massage! :)

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