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Michelle Orchid Rodriguez,LMT

It was a warm September day in 1997 when I graduated from the Florida College of Natural Health, Miami Campus. I began working into the world of massage at the tender age of nineteen. Nearly two decades later I can gratefully say I’m still growing strong as a therapist and my love for massage has not waned. My two loves in massage are Neuromuscular and Prenatal. I am a self-proclaimed anatomy nerd and truly enjoy the clinical aspect of massage. My first course in NMT (Neuromuscualar Massage Therapy) began in the year 2000 when I discovered trigger points, myofascial release and all the ways massage can help people with serious pain. In 2005 I stumbled upon prenatal work and fell in love. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in amazing five star resorts on the lovely shores of Miami Beach and rub elbows, share ideas and a few laughs with Miami’s top massage therapists to working in the state of Florida’s best teaching and respected hospital and high end rehabilitation settings; which pushed me to be a true student of the human body and expected me to bring my best clinical massage work everyday. I’m also proud and grateful to work with a network of physicians that are on-board with the wellness movement and support massage for their patients. My sincere hope is that through public speaking,writing and of course. my one-on-one work with my clients I can show the world how massage can truly become a therapeutic part of your life.
Below is a list of the award-winning healthcare companies,luxury spa and some leading hotels of the world that I have had the pleasure to work with, have been recruited by or free-lanced in. I am proud to be associated with each one and showcase them to assure you that you’re receiving the same level of expertise as if you were visiting one of these amazing facilities.
The Biltmore Spa ♦ Canyon Ranch ♦ The Ritz Carlton ♦ Mandarin Oriental ♦ Elemis Spa ♦ Shands Hospital, University of Florida 


Florida College of Natural Health- 1997 (Professional Massage Training Program)
Initial Neuromuscular Certification- 2000, Center Point Education
Initial Prenatal Certification – 2005 Mother Massage Elaine Stillerman, NYC


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