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I love Cuban coffee, wait, scratch that, I love all types of coffee…Cuban,Turkish,Italian and yes,true to my roots Colombian. Today, I’m focusing on the ever popular elixir of Miami and what keeps its rhythm going, cuban coffee. No matter what your nationality or race, cuban coffee is king in Miami and if you’re a coffee-lover, it’s attraction is irresistible. So what does massage therapy and cuban coffee have in common? Your health.
cafe con leche
A Healthy Amount:
400 mg daily caffeine is the healthy amount for an adult (200 mg if you’re pregnant). So what does that look like? 1 cup (8 oz) of “American” coffee (e.g. Dunkin Donuts, Folgers, Maxwell House etc) runs about 200 mg of caffeine. Most people buy an 16 oz cup so boom! There goes your caffeine allowance for the day! Have your  8 oz and leave room for your cuban shots in the day. Now a cuban shot is approximately 1 ounce which is 64 mg of caffeine. Let’s’ break it down:
light cafe con leche: 1 shot of cuban coffee (64 mg)
cortadito: 2 shots (128 mg)
colada: 3 shots (192 mg)
cafecito: 1 shot (64 oz)
 Coffee Consultation:
If I could create a miami-based intake form it would have the phrase “ and how much cuban coffee do you drink a day?” (I just might after this post). The answer is outstanding. Many locals go above and beyond the call of coffee duty and consume coffee all day long which does have terrible effects.
I’m not knocking cuban coffee, I’m a fan of it just like you and I lovely shooting the breeze with locals at any given coffee window. However, as your massage therapist I must remind you that coffee is a stimulant and some people drink it multiple times a day out of habit, out of addiction but neither one of these is out of enjoyment. You depend on coffee to keep you going and that’s not what coffee was created for. So here’s the lowdown of how much coffee you should drink a day and who can handle cuban coffee and who should avoid it altogether.
The Sweet & Sensitive:
This is a naturally enthusiastic person anyway. They have no business drinking any form of caffeine because they do not respond well physically to being over stimulated they may also suffer from ,anxiety,nervousness,ulcers, gas and bloating. Coffee could possibly aggravate their already-delicate stomach lining. If they drink it they might drink it because of all the sugar that’s loaded into it… but even a small amount of cuban coffee could make them restless, cause tachycardia (rapid heart palpitations) and an upset stomach. These people are gifted at being precise and organizing,planning ahead and over-preparing for every occasion. They already have energy and if they drink coffee it should be decaffeinated. You heard right, they’re nervous system picks up the caffeine very very easily and could make them highly anxious. If you want the taste, drink a decaffeinated version just to be social but avoid the real stuff. We’ll still love you.
 recommended amount: decaffeinated all the way.
 The War Horse:
He or She is a force to be reckoned with. Highly confident and in control they love to work and love cuban coffee in a shot form. No milk need. Impatient in nature, they want their cuban coffee fix and they want it now. Because this person has a high pain tolerance, they’re nervous system is dulled and they’ll take shot after shot throughout the day. Because they’re easily excited and high energy, this person usually suffers from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The excessive amount of cuban coffee will raise their blood pressure even more and eventually have long term negative effects. I recommend un coradito in the morning and one shot in the afternoon around 3 or 4 pm when they’re energy usually plummets. That’s the limit.
 recommended amount: 2-3 shots of cuban coffee a day, max! Nothing after 4pm.
The Calm Lotus:


If you’ve met me, you can guess that I fall into this category. It takes an adrenaline injection to get a jolt out of this type and a few cuban shots will barely raise a pulse. Although coffee is a stimulant, this person can go either way but out of all three, can tolerate the highest amount of caffeine without a negative effect. They can have their cafe con leche in the morning, a shot (1 oz) in the afternoon and even go out for a social coffee drink in the evening and still sleep like a baby.
 recommended amount: 4 shots a day and it will barely raise your pulse. Enjoy your night time coffee.
So there you have it. That’s your cuban coffee calculator and how each amount potentially affects each person. Now, just a side note, everyone takes their cafe  differently but these coffee shot references are general and understand each person’s unique preparation style. On a side note, don’t drink coffee before your massage therapy session…ever. It will spread throughout your entire blood stream very quickly.
I hope you enjoyed this post on cuban coffee and your health and until next time, I’ll see you at your next massage!
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