Are Massage Packages Worth It? Part 1

What’s In a Package?

A massage package is a series of limited sessions for a reduced amount to entice customer retention. The benefit of a package for the consumer is to save money. However for a business, the package normally means earning 50-75% less than the going market price; meaning that the Massage Therapist is earning far less money than they can normally survive on. If the therapist practices in a large city, expenses are high. Unlike office work,one cannot give 40 hours of massage in a week; so the therapist only works a limited amount of hours in order to keep from being injured and staying employed. Essentially most people that purchase packages become accustomed to paying said amount and will continue purchasing at a lower rate because : 1. It’s what they can afford 2. It’s what they’re willing to pay 3. It’s what they’ve been educated to pay.

When it Began

There are many businesses that offer packages but the industry that became the role model for this was fitness. In a yoga or pilates class for example, you can purchase a package of 10 sessions for let’s say 50% off. An instructor can take on 15-30 students in a class compared to a massage, the therapist is only able to treat one person at a time. The one-on-one model of a massage cannot be changed, a therapist cannot clone themselves to massage multiple people at once, if this were the case then a discount would make sense, but it isn’t.

Massage 1:1

Fitness Class 20:1


Where They are Found

Packages can be found by a multitude of massage businesses but mostly by smaller spas that employ many providers, they can also be found in the form of an annual contract at massage franchises.

Beauty Professionals Say No

An industry where packages are not normally found is one of the highest grossing in the United States: hair and nails. In the 1950’s society began to widely accept women in the working role, specifically administrative ones. With this uptick,the beauty salon has had the frequency of its female clientele scheduling their appointments every two weeks. Highly skilled beauty professionals are extremely valued and sought after. Women receive manicures and pedicures religiously and once they have found their favored nail technician they develop a deep loyalty. Some might argue that nail services are affordable compared to a massage, however compared to hair services, the cost is nearly the same continue part 2.

Michelle Orchid Rodriguez is a wellness lifestyle blogger,educator and an independent Licensed Massage Therapist. Her mission is to promote a higher quality of life for others through her work in therapeutic massage  & promoting healthy living. She is the founder and CEO of Lumina Massage Inc. in Miami Lakes,Florida. Lumina Massage is a specialty massage company that focuses on neuromuscular therapy for pain management and advanced prenatal bodywork.


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