Neuromuscular Massage for Pregnancy

“Your body will change during pregnancy” many mothers have heard time and time again. The truth is that this in fact will occur, especially with the growth of your belly. Neuromuscular therapy is a specific branch of massage therapy or in other technical terms, soft tissue manipulation. It works wonders with specific injuries given that the inflammation in the muscle or tendon is not too high or that there is specific tearing. There is much to say about Neuromuscular Therapy but today I want to discuss my experience with it and pregnancy. I began my training for Neuromuscular Massage in the year 2000 and my Prenatal Massage Training in 2005. Since then I have taken multiple course and clocked in over 8000 hours of hands on experience with Neuromuscular injuries. Needless to say this will boost the confidence of anyone searching for a qualified practitioner in this specialized massage. Neuromuscular massage was originally performed by Physical Therapists and Sports Medicine Therapists and utilized to treat muscular injuries. The term “Neuro” derives from the nervous system being affected by the muscles, to place it in simple terms. Massage Therapists have also been trained, mostly by Physical Therapists in this helpful modality. Now for the pregnant ladies. Your first trimester will not see any major changes in your body in terms of muscular discomfort or nerve impingement.. You’ll most likely experience morning sickness and some fatigue. Where a pregnant woman will benefit the most from Neuromuscular Massage is during the second to third trimester where lower back muscles, thighs and gluteal muscles will experience continuous contraction and strain as they are overused in order to keep the pregnant woman’s body in balance. These muscular exertions can lead to muscle tension and well as tendinitis in the heel, ankle and foot, primarily by pregnant women that are still on their feet for work. The additional weight of your belly can potentially cause severe wear and tear on your ligaments that could reduce in microscopic tears. A Neuromuscular Prenatal Massage is advantageous to a woman because her experienced practitioner, is accustomed to working with pregnant women already has the experience of targeting the muscle groups typically injured or affected during pregnancy.Common ailments include sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome.  It is a safe method,given that the Neuromuscular Therapist has considerable experience working with injuries and is knowledgeable in knowing the physiology of a pregnant woman and the contraindications as well as being well-versed in Prenatal Health. In conclusion, a Neuromuscular Massage given by a qualified practitioner during a woman’s pregnancy is an effective and safe method to relieve major discomfort and can make the pregnancy much more enjoyable.

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