Gifting a Massage Subscription

Since the inception of the massage franchise and its subscription based business model, gifting a massage subscription has become more common. Although men are beginning to understand the importance of self care for stress management, the majority of recipients for this gift are women. The concept for this gift is based on the year long contractual agreement in most massage franchises offering the purchaser the service at a discounted price. However, there are pros and cons and if you’re considering this as a purchase then read on.

Carrousel of Therapists

Massage Therapists are artists and scientists rolled into one. Pragmatically we must decipher the insertion of origin of each muscle, have knowledge of which muscle groups function for a particular movement etc. The more difficult area to pinpoint is the artistry of massage. The skill of manipulating muscle with the perfect amount of pressure as to not hurt someone. Finding the delicate balance between caring for an injured muscle. Having the intuitiveness to know when the receiver of the massage is sending non verbal clues of being afraid or uneasy and assuring them through touch. The delivery of strength, confidence and gentleness transmitted by your poise, the cadence of your speech, the volume of your voice is a rare gift to find. Some posses it, most do not. Anyone can touch but not everyone can heal and do it well. This comes to an advantage for most skilled therapists in terms of finding work, however for the public it is a problem. When you choose to sign a yearly contract because you found your treasured therapist one day, puts no guarantee that the same therapist will be working in that same place tomorrow. You’re now legally bound to an agreement for one year whether you like the therapist that is assigned to you on the day of your visit or not. Because franchises want the same earning potential for each employee they won’t guide you as to which of their massage therapists excel over the other. You’re left by trying each one a pricey process of elimination which often ends in you or your gift recipient not using the subscription at all.

Large Selection

You can take comfort in knowing that your massage is not dependent on one star therapist. Franchises are independently owned and if you purchase your subscription from a good owner, you’ll be greeted by a professional staff and all with run smoothly. Some owners have been known to work very hard to acquire good talent and the reputation of that specific franchise location will be known among massage therapists as a good place to work. Although many massage therapists are free lance workers not all have the desire  to be entrepreneurs. They desire the simplicity of giving massage without the responsibility of running a business. One of the pros is that if you are fortunate enough to have a good massage franchise company in your neighborhood take advantage of the talent held there. Just be aware that its a rare find.

Low Paid Employees

High salaries attract star employees and the massage industry is no exception. Massage franchises offer benefits to employees however they also offer the lowest paid starting wages in the industry. Most massage therapists that work at a franchise are
  • recent graduates from school
  • experienced therapists that are between jobs or
  • (the rare find) a talented therapist that desires the simplicity of being an employee
The majority of massage therapists are new in the field and have little experience. While massage franchises offer these newbies secure employment in their new careers for the person purchasing a year long subscription this isn’t the wisest purchase. Even those massage students with the best potential graduate with only the most basic of skills. It takes a minimum of ten years to hone your skill as a massage professional. By the time you have increased your talent, most massage therapist choose to join higher end spas with better pay or become self-employed.

Early Cancellation Fears

By and large the largest complaint of the average consumer about year long contracts is the difficulty in breaking the contract once it has been signed. There is nothing wrong with a subscription, given the ease of the cancellation process. Both small and large companies use the subscription model enticing potential customers with lower rates, however as a consumer you are responsible for asking about the process of an early termination should you be unsatisfied with the work done. As cumbersome as it is, understanding the terms of an agreement is essential for a purchase that would ultimately cost hundreds of dollars. Another helpful tool is online reviews. Take advantage of the experiences of others before making that purchase. Many massage franchises are reviewed these days. Pay attention to what most people complain about and see if it’s a legitimate concern for you.

Massage as a Gift

If you’ve done your research and feel satisfied with the results then let me assure you that massage is an excellent gift. Many people would love to take better care for themselves but simply won’t do it. The gift you’re offering is a wonderful way to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Much like food, people can be picky about who is giving their service. As an alternative, I recommend buying one session for the person in mind instead of investing in a year subscription right away. Be assured that the person you gifted absolutely loved the experience and the massage therapist before you sign up for a subscription.


Michelle Orchid Rodriguez is an entrepreneur,health and wellness blogger and a licensed Massage Therapist. Her mission is to promote a higher quality of life through healthy living. She is the founder and CEO of Lumina Massage Inc., a Miami-based specialty massage company that focuses on neuromuscular therapy and prenatal bodywork. Social Media:Facebook, Instagram


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